Our Testimonials

A. Garcia -- Aug 2018

Mr. Harris spent a number of months with my wife and I while we were looking for a home to purchase. He focused on what kind of home we wanted in conjunction to what we could afford, offering his knowledge of the market and modern home design along the way. With his help, we were able to find a  home we were happy to purchase and get the best price too.

Four years later when we decided to move out of the city, we once again turned to Reggie to manage our rental property and he has come through for us in finding the right tenant only a few weeks after we vacated the home.

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Paula F. -- Aug 2018

I am relocating from Augusta, GA to El Paso, TX and Mr. Harris has been a rock star through it all. There have been many questions and he has always picked up his phone and has guided me from start to finish. Relocating from state to state is always overwhelming but Mr. Harris always willing to  lend a helping hand even after the rental contract was signed. KUDOS TO MR. HARRIS!!!!

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